Wolf’s Acting Workshop

“Women love the mystery and passion of the heart. They yearn for romance even when they deny it. They love to be challenged and chased…and to be lost in a 19th century French novel where her hero is both sentimental and dark, passionate and suicidal and who writes her letters of love’s torments soaked in the tears of his longing. You think perhaps I exaggerate. I do not.”  – Alex Wolf

Every first Saturday of every month, the Wolf runs an acting workshop where for one hour you learn the ins and outs of method acting and seducing your way into the bedroom of her soul. These techniques teach you how to pour a drink and turn her on at the same time. Intrigue her by learning how to look off into the distance and appear haunted by the deeply complex nature of your being. Understand how to evade accusations of infidelity and maintain an image that never gets boring. 

These workshops have helped those:

– with not much to say

– that have trouble keeping up in bed

– who have difficulty changing their ‘nerdy’ and ‘awkward’ personality

– with anxiety around women

– with no idea of romance

– and many others…

Alex Wolf himself runs this intensive workshop and provides one on one teaching and group discussions. Tickets are $40. Submit an e-mail of interest for space and availability. 


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