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On Marriage…

I was recently asked by a woman I’m sleeping with when the right time to marry is. I smiled and held her tight as she hungrily breathed in my musk accentuated by an essential oil I had just brought back … Continue reading

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On Confidence…

If you’ve looked into female pick-up tips and techniques on the web or in bookstores you know that one of the most important factors talked about is confidence. If you’ve paid hundreds or thousands of dollars so a sweaty troll … Continue reading

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On Deception…

So let’s just say life has not been exactly fair in the looks department with you. “But Mr. Wolf, I don’t even have a big penis” you tell me. It’s at this point that I take my Roberto Cavalli leather … Continue reading

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The Problem With Your Penis

Let’sĀ face it: most of you are lucky if you’re even average looking. You’re blog readers for Christ’ sake! But just like Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp, you also have a penis. The problem with it though is that it cannot … Continue reading

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