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  1. Laina Novak says:

    Hey Alex ~

    Great site. Wow. You and Cristina make an awesome partnership. Let’s get together to discuss our mutual co-operation in growing our businesses.

    Again, great meeting you both on Wednesday night. Have an awesome weekend.


    Laina Novak

  2. Helena Freeman says:

    Hi Alex,
    I saw you on the dating show on the Rogers show last week. I totally was embarrassed for you, I can believe how rude you were and your high ego is beyond ridiculous…your stories don’t even sound a bit realistic and I was discussed by how you tried seducing the host and the other guest. You stating that your a teacher in sophistication and the arts of seduction? who are you kidding? “The goal is to get the girl to the bedroom not the front step”…um dude I guarantee you don’t even get her to the steps, especially if your wearing something near to what you were wearing on the show..that outfit was hideous. I surprised you could give advise and have a fashion corner on your blog when you cant even dress up for yourself. First of all the shoes don’t have to match the belt and secondly that peachy brown diarrhea color was just bad. Your advice on the show was no help to those single and desperate people out there..not that I was tuning in cause I am one of those lonely solos I was watching for my entertainment. I give you kudos for that you kept me laughing and the guests I had over. Phone consultation $150 per half hour/package of 5 hours $1,200 are you serious? The recession going on and that’s how much you charge? I guarantee what ever advice and tip you could give over the phone and person could find simply online. You don’t have to be some genius to know how to get a women, its simply just be yourself. You don’t believe in marriage its like prison..well i feel for you dude..your going to grow old alone. Cause you might think your some hotshot now but trust in a couple years no chick wants to sex a old fart. Sorry I don’t mean to mean and harsh, just the truth. I truly think you need a mentor not being someone else.

    • Alex Wolf says:

      Well thank you for such a lengthy post Helena. I’m going to go ahead and attribute your anger to alcohol and resentment that you couldn’t help be attracted to me. Your passionate post has put you to the top of the list of fans I’m going to sleep with. Of course a picture of you in a bikini is still required but don’t be shy of your body. I am a little worried about your sense of fashion though. Shoes don’t have to match the belt?! My dear…you’re not gonna blame the recession on that too are you? Oh I have so much to teach you. Your naiveté reminds of a beautiful peasant girl I met while photographing deer in the woods of Bavaria, Germany. She looked at my clothes and did not recognize the usual boring German hunting outfit she was used to seeing on the men. Of course I was wearing a dark green velvet jacket and pant personally hand sewn by Mario Bortelli in Milan. I felt a little self-conscious of the shirt that morning. It was silk and a subtle pink. Quite unusual for Versace. The girl could not stop touching it and my confidence was once again sky high. I took her right there in the woods. The darkness of that forest had never heard such animalistic sounds and neither had I for that matter. I have the feeling you’re that kind of woman Helena…

      • Drake Savage says:

        Mr Wolf

        I enjoy your posts greatly, you have taught me a lot about life and love, it reminds me of a time I went basement jumping in the heart of Gauteng, South Africa. The intense rush I felt as I went tumbling towards the basement floor from my dresser drawer reminded me of a time I met a lovely one-legged lass in a small rain-slicked village of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. We were both physically drained after we spend the day one-arm fist fighting on an old battered log in the middle of a molten rock volcano we parachuted into right after we made sweat,smelly love on a burning airplane as it went careening downard from a multi-dimensional womrhole we created in the fabric of space from a time-machine we created from old twigs found in an eagles nest that sat on top a giant winged elephant battling a manticore in the lush jungles of Sariska, India…. I completely relate to your words of wisdom..

    • Drake Savage says:

      You leave the mighty Wolf alone! He speaks truth in an era of lies. I used his powerful knowledge when I battled the legendary Sphinx in a leap frog contest along the cobble-stone streets of Zadar, Croatia. I won that battle swiftly. Thank you Wolfman!!!

  3. Helena says:

    Your welcome, I figured you have nothing better to I left you with a lengthy post of honesty. Ahaha who are you kidding, no anger Im just trying to let you know what viewers think of you. Attracted to you? You are far from my type you got a butt chin for goodness gracious. I’m glad you enjoyed my post..but I ain’t a fan and you’ll never have the opportunity to sleep with me. Your so professional eh? Do you try to seduce every person that writes to you or contacts you? And why is there always some unrealistic story and every name reminds you of a chick you apparently banged weather its in the Peruvian Amazon or the Lycabettus Hill in Athens..Dude you’ll never see a picture of me in a bikini it would turn to straight..I have written down Victoria’s secret..Don’t be worried, you should be afraid of yours. I’m work for the fashion section in Vogue actually, how do you think i spotted out your horrendous outfit you wore..not that you need a fashion eye for that..any regular person would have agreed with me. Ok professor Wolf enough with the twilight delusions…did you turn into a wolf in those woods of Bavaria, Germany? Team Jacob or team Edward?…..Who are you kidding? Who wears such class clothing to the woods..unless you were planning to seduce the creatures in there too…hand sewn by Mario unnecessary information..He should have sewn your cock too, so maybe you can think with your head not your dick. I bet if he knew who was wearing his hand sewn pants he would shut down his business. WOW Versace would shut down too right after Mario Bortelli…OK let me tell you why this lady was so touchy with your shirt…cause she was homeless.. clearly you found her in the woods! Shes never seen such a thing that why she was so touchy with the shirt. Sky high, of course when isn’t it..with that huge ego of yours. In the woods? That’s freaky, but aren’t you so high class.. wouldn’t you have took her to a hotel at least. Well she probably had beer goggles on, she is German. You know what you should have become a poet..I honestly feel bad for you dude, cause this is why you only have one night stands..cause whens the ladies hear these “stories” they no doubt about it go running! Faster than donothan bailey….I am far from that kind of women Mr.Wolf… I’m the type of women that would have you dreaming, even when your not sleeping.

    P.S – Keep having one night stands until you cant stand no more (Those are some sincere words from my co-workers)

    • Alex Wolf says:

      Wow…your co-workers are my fans too I see. Glad to know. Tell them to e-mail me personally for advice. Always happy to help the lower middle class. Here’s why I know you don’t work for the fashion section of Vogue. Number one, you would never say that shoes don’t have to match the belt (though true on very rare occasions). Two, and this one is the key, you have the grammar and spelling power of a 19th century British prostitute. Vogue has higher standards. Trust me, I worked for them. Your looks however might save you and therefore rush over that bikini picture. Oh and my cock? It’s do die for!

  4. John Hedith says:

    Are you a comedian? Because your self-delusion is HILARIOUS. WOW, to think you’re a self proclaimed expert in the dating scene of sophistication and the art of seduction?! I guess people can build an enterprise based on false claims so easily nowadays. All your blog stories sound extremely fake. Let’s redirect to your blog posts that provide evidence of fabrication now shall we? Just so there’s no plagiarism, in direct quotes are word for word samples from your post.

    Blog #1: On Going Over To Her House
    “I was about to walk out when her husband walked in. This chick was into danger and getting beaten up by this beast of a husband who must’ve been some sort of sports player. She smiled as he gave her a threatening look for ‘later’ and came rushing towards me. I could barely get the words “not the suit” out before I was on the ground. It was too late. His soiled hands already left marks on my Lagerfeld 3-piece and I had no choice but to break the Salon over his head.”

    You didn’t even have time before this woman’s athlete husband tackled you to the floor based on your post. So when were you able to escape this “beast of a husband” to get a hold of the bottle of Salon to swing it at his head? To do that you would’ve had to out wrestle/tackle him; run and grab this bottle and not have him see you to stop your swing or hit to his head. This requires you to be stronger and quicker than this beast of a man and I’ve seen a small clip of you on television and I know for a fact you are definitely not the athletic and strong type especially not one that an out compete an actual athlete. If such a situation had actually occured, I am sure you would have been beaten to a pulp unable to escape this man’s grasp.

    Blog #2: On Telling Her I Love Her
    “When I was thirteen years old I told a girl I loved her. She laughed and walked away. ”
    This first statement I totally believe that’s true. This second one though,
    “Oh and the girl that snubbed me when I was thirteen? She turned out to be a lesbian who almost killed me ten years later when I slept with her lover.”
    LMFAO, I hope you’re joking because this just screams petty and coincidental lie. Life doesn’t work out that nicely buddy and lesbians choose to be with other women and are grateful they don’t have to date men like you. It’s a nice delusion you have to make yourself think you can take a lesbian from her girlfriend. Please get over yourself. (If you actually can though, please give me such tips…though most of the lesbians I’ve met haven’t been the most attractive so maybe I’ll pass. You can keep your lesbian conquest as well).

    Blog #3: On Charm Resisting Women…
    “I’m reminded of my trip to the Cambodian jungle where I fell in love with the wife of a medicine man. My advances were met with angry words that seemed to be filled with many consonants and very little vowels. Nonetheless the struggle was futile from the start. She became mine three moons later and I still receive a gift from her on my birthday.”

    There is absolutely so many points to prove that this is a blatant lie. Wow. Let’s first say that you clearly don’t know enough about Asian history or cultures and maybe should have done a bit of research before writing about other cultures. Cambodian people, including Cambodian jungle tribe people all speak languages that are equally dispersed in vowel-consonant sounds. So consonants are not actually the dominant sounds. Especially when it comes to those individuals living in the Cambodian jungle they speak Austronesian or Mon-Khmer languages. The rest of Cambodia speaks Khmer which is again a consonant paired with a vowel sound. They are heavily influenced by the surrounding cultures and languages which all have many vowel sounds. There are NO GROUPS OF PEOPLE LIVING IN THE CAMBODIAN JUNGLE that speak with more “consonants and very little vowels” sounds. You clearly are basing this false story on African tribal cultures and languages. Also, adultery committed by women living in the Cambodian jungle would bring great dishonor to her, her family and cause her to be socially ostracized. Are you telling me that she would sacrifice her social status of being the medicine man’s wife (which is a very high honour in all Asian cultures and tribes), to sleep with a foreigner such as yourself? I highly highly doubt that. Additionally, people living in the Cambodian jungle do not celebrate individual birthdays like Westernized culture. Would you like to elaborate where this woman was living in Cambodia? I am half Cambodian also completely fluent in Khmer so please choose your location wisely. You said the Cambodian jungle right? Not in the figment of your imagination I hope. This last question I would like to get a direct answer from you. Don’t try and ignore this question, it is a chance for you to prove your credibility.

    Blog #4: On Deception….
    “I once made a famous B-actress orgasm just by looking at her. I bit her neck till i drew blood then stood back and growled in a low and scary tone while breathing like an animal who’s been caged for too long. She whimpered and came while not sure herself if she was scared out of her mind or extremely turned on. The real reason for all this was that my penis was injured. I had suffered lesions on my testicles from hungry piranhas while crossing the Amazon at night due to an unexpected visit by the local chief into my sleeping hut. ”

    Oh please, you expect me to believe this?! You made a woman orgasm by biting her and growling like a rabid dog?! OH…. SO THAT’S HOW YOU TURN ON A WOMAN AND MAKE HER ORGASM! Damn, I’ve been doing it wrong for years. Wow. Oh wait, no….that’s how you get women to leave since they’ll think you were just released from a mental asylum. Also, how is it only your testicles got bitten by piranhas? Did you swim around the Amazon at night with only your testicles touching the water? Because if that’s the case THEN I would believe that that’s the only location that the piranhas bit you and left the rest of your body unscathed. FUN FACT: Piranhas travel in schools (if you don’t know what that is, that means a whole group of fishes) and when one piranha begins to attack a prey or found a source of food (such as yourself), the others normally join in since they use what we call “cooperative hunting.” Based on such scientific observations, your testicles, the rest of your penis and different areas of your body which were submerged in the water should have suffered significant lesions….which may have required medical attention especially if the piranhas were all in the vicinity of your genital area. And if such an event did occur, I am sure your lady friend would have really enjoyed being bit and growled at by a man with open lesions and sores all over his body, since that is ALWAYS such a turn on… GOOD FOR YOU. It’s not a scary sight at all!

    I have quoted from 4 of your blogs which I actually chose in random just to prove my point. You have 10 blogs posted on your home page. That means I have already shown that at LEAST 40% of your blog contains fabricated content and I haven’t even critiqued the others. Finding already these many doubtful facts makes me question the validity of all the content posted on your website. I’m not saying that everything is false. Let’s say for example this comment of yours to another fan of this website: “Thank you for the question ‘Mya’. Your name brings me back to a woman I met while river rafting the Grand Canyon. I rescued her from the rapids and later spent the night in a cave nearby where she warmed herself by the fire. She was innocent and nervous, much like you, but the sounds of the rattle snakes outside was just what was needed for her to jump into my arms and make passionate love until the hours of the morning.”

    Sure you may have gone to the Grand Canyon, you may have met a Woman while river rafting. But to say you rescued her from the rapids, made a fire (hopefully not INSIDE THE CAVE!) and made love to her in the cave?! LOL okay there buddy. The thing with lies are that they always eventually come out.

    The reality might not be as marketable but, it probably was just you picking up some drunk chick at the bar. Both of you had beer goggles on and you both had sex…the easy kind that didn’t really require much seduction or dating. End of story. However, that’s not really blog worthy is it? So a little tweaks here and there and then you come off a hero and get celebratory grateful sex. Also, having watched some of your clips and if you just hit on everyone, than you really can’t call yourself an expert in sophistication and the art of seduction can you? If you hit on 100 girls and you get a couple of those girls and subsequently write about these conquests, it doesn’t mean you’re an expert or qualified to teach others about dating and seducing women. It’s about getting the girls that have many suitors vying for their attention, quality girls and making her want you. Of course by your demeanor there is NO way I could see you getting a quality girl if you just hit on every girl you meet. But I guess with the way you look and your behaviour, you take what you can get right? Even if it’s just another ride on the town bicycle, but that doesn’t really give you bragging rights now does it? Anyways, this was meant to provide you with some constructive criticism: make sure you do your research before you make up stories so your stories match up with facts and follow proper logical progression. You don’t want people thinking you’re lying now do you.

    An avid fan of your comedic writing,
    John Hedith

    PS. I noticed in the comment above you wanted a picture of this Helena fan in her bikini. I can rock out in a pair of flashy euro shorts for you too if you want. Just tell me and I’ll attach it and email it to you.

    • Valentina says:


      Your assertion may be right, but that’s all it is at this point, a statement of your belief. It saddens me to think of the amount of time you must have spent preparing and writing your post (to which I imagine you will never admit) and just how little of your goal you managed to accomplish. However, you did succeed in showcasing your need for instruction on informal and formal logic.

      John, since you do seem motivated on some level, as a minimum, I suggest enrolling in courses at a local community college. Also, I hope you are not offended by my comments and accept them as “constructive criticism.”


      • John Hedith says:


        It doesn’t sadden me at ALL the amount of time I spent preparing and writing my post. Every good lawyer and debater knows that to make a good reply it takes time and preparation. So I would like to openly admit I spent about three hours preparing and writing for my response. Half hour to look over his website content then opening and reading the 4 blogs and then the rest to write and proofread. I don’t have any shame in this, otherwise I don’t think I would have posted such a lengthy post.

        LOL whether I utilized informal or formal logic they are still both logic based arguments and both are required in analysis as well. My writing style was definitely not as formal though if that’s what you’re trying to get at. Lucky for me I took philosophy and critical analysis logic classes during my undergraduate degree so maybe you should check up on your statement about informal and formal logic.

        And thank you for saying I am motivated on some level. I guess I was on the right path since you nicely told me I should enroll in courses at my local community college. I’ll up you one higher and tell you I just graduated last May with a Bachelors in Life Sciences (with a research honours) specializing in Genetics and now doing a Masters degree. LOL THANK YOU FOR YOUR “constructive criticism” there was no personal offence taken at all.

        The goal of my post was to create a reaction from other readers and get a reply directly from Alex Wolf pertaining to the questions I asked. Since my post has gotten quite a few replies (including yours) I think I’ve actually succeeded.

        Sincerely a great fan of Alex Wolf’s comedic writing,

        John Hedith

        PS. This post took me about 10 minutes. 8 minutes really if you really want to be exact. PSS. Alex Wolf, I’m still awaiting a reply from you from my first post.

      • Rob says:

        FYI constructive criticism doesn’t attack the person, it attacks the content. valentina this is not constructive criticism, it is just criticism. you are a bitch clearly hating on john. he makes some valid points. alex wolf should be answering not u.

  5. Martin says:

    Dear Wolf,
    I’m a huge fan of yours, but I got to agree with John. Your blog contains fabricated contents and just because he embarrassed you it shouldn’t mean you should reply as “Valentina”. I work for CBC television specifically for the Steven and Chris talk show, we would be really interest on having you on the show? please contact me on my email if your interest.

    Thank You

  6. Andrea says:

    Oh and my cock? It’s to die for! OMG REALLY? I bet Steven & Chis would like that haha 😉

  7. Alex Wolf says:

    Dear Lord…If I am going to chose a pseudonym it will never be Valentina. It does look like a man wrote that post, so ‘bravo’ to your deducing powers Mr. Martin. Looks like CBC television hires the cream of the crop. But it is most likely a male fan that is struggling with homosexual feelings and feels more accepted under a female cloak. Regarding John Hedith’s post, I shall respond shortly. I have not had time, particularly because I generally don’t speak with men for free and not because of the nature of his arguments. Shame on you Mr. Martin for judging them as embarrassing to me. They lack profundity and class and a man who has to look up what a bottle of Salon is should not in any case use it in an argument. Such a man is a brute and has no clue of gentlemanly behavior. More on that later. I will get back to you my friends. Rest assured. Till then, I thank you for your following.

    • John Hedith says:

      LOL not knowing what a bottle of Salon is doesn’t make my argument any less weak since it is but a minor detail and not the main focus of my reply to you. Class is not determined by how many labels of expensive champagne, wine or liquor you can mention or drink. It is in your behaviour, your attitude and your demeanor. Writing fabricated stories containing blatant lies and stating them as truth though is NEVER classy.

      Redirect though, so Mr. Alex Wolf, when will you reply to my questions? What region of the Cambodian jungle was the Cambodian woman from? Why did a school of piranhas only attack your testicles when they travel in a group and utilize cooperative hunting. Please prove your credibility by directly answering my questions.

      An avid fan of your comedic writing,
      John Hedith

      • Rob says:

        john hedith, u are the man!! so classy u never outright insult u only ask for evidence. good job! dont listen to the haters they just wish their argument was as good as urs. alex wolf, man come on – this is a chance for u to man up!

      • Valentina says:

        Hello John,

        I’ll start here:

        “It doesn’t sadden me at ALL the amount of time I spent preparing and writing my post. Every good lawyer and debater knows that to make a good reply it takes time and preparation. So I would like to openly admit I spent about three hours preparing and writing for my response.”

        John, the problem is that it wasn’t a good reply, you’re not a good lawyer and your skills at debating are elementary at best. I’m amazed at your ignorance, considering your declared education. After reading this post, please take the time to analyze your reply again and hopefully you will gain some new insight into your ability to formulate a successful argument. I’m going to help you get started so keep reading.

        “The goal of my post was to create a reaction from other readers and get a reply directly from Alex Wolf pertaining to the questions I asked. Since my post has gotten quite a few replies (including yours) I think I’ve actually succeeded.”

        Let’s compare this statement to the opening paragraph of your original statement where you state your actual goal, your thesis statement if you will:

        “I guess people can build an enterprise based on false claims so easily nowadays. All your blog stories sound extremely fake. Let’s redirect to your blog posts that provide evidence of fabrication now shall we?”

        John, your flip-flop is pretty straight forward here so don’t delude yourself with your defensive hindsight. You accused Alex of being self-delusional (pay attention Rob, John’s insults are both direct and implied) and then set out to prove your superior intellect (which appears to be a delusion of grandeur) by breaking down Alex’s blog posts to expose his lies. That is where you failed miserably and I don’t need to read very far into your original post to find evidence:

        “You didn’t even have time before this woman’s athlete husband tackled you to the floor based on your post. So when were you able to escape this “beast of a husband” to get a hold of the bottle of Salon to swing it at his head? To do that you would’ve had to out wrestle/tackle him; run and grab this bottle and not have him see you to stop your swing or hit to his head. This requires you to be stronger and quicker than this beast of a man and I’ve seen a small clip of you on television and I know for a fact you are definitely not the athletic and strong type especially not one that an out compete an actual athlete. If such a situation had actually occured, I am sure you would have been beaten to a pulp unable to escape this man’s grasp.”

        Unfortunately for your argument, the above paragraph is full of your opinion and assumptions masquerading as fact. Your logic seems to be that because Alex did not go into an account of all the events between being knocked down and the bottle of Salon being used as a self-defence weapon, then your general assumptions are proof of the story’s implausibility. Why does he need to list every detail to get the point of his story across and why is it open season for you to posit your assumptions of the events as the basis for your conclusion? John, how do you know the bottle wasn’t already in his hand? I’m not really asking for your answers to these questions John, they are merely here to help you think critically.

        The last half of the paragraph is mind numbing when considering that you spent 3 hours preparing your post. You made statements such as, “I know for a fact you are definitely not the athletic and strong type” and, “If such a situation had actually occurred, I am sure you would have been beaten to a pulp unable to escape this man’s grasp.” John, those are not arguments or facts, they are opinions. I extend my sympathy to you if you’re having trouble wrapping your head around this.

        Pitifully, the poor form i’ve highlighted continues throughout the rest of your reply. It is full of generalizations, false premises, and paragraph after paragraph full of your incredulous statements such as, “But to say you rescued her from the rapids, made a fire (hopefully not INSIDE THE CAVE!) and made love to her in the cave?! LOL okay there buddy.” I’m sorry John, but declarations of disbelief are not proof of fabricated stories.

        What is evident from your writing is your failure to realize that there are very few scenarios in life where everything ALWAYS happens as you would expect. I recommend you get out from under your rock and realize that in the real world, the occurrence of something unlikely is not as implausible as you think.

        “LOL whether I utilized informal or formal logic they are still both logic based arguments and both are required in analysis as well. My writing style was definitely not as formal though if that’s what you’re trying to get at. Lucky for me I took philosophy and critical analysis logic classes during my undergraduate degree so maybe you should check up on your statement about informal and formal logic.”

        John, I’m sorry for your confusion regarding informal and formal logic. To rephrase, your deductive conclusion (Alex is lying and a fraud) is not supported by the premise statements you’ve made. Again, your opinion and something being unlikely does not make your conclusion valid or your argument strong. Perhaps more of your attention was needed in the critical analysis classes.

        As a final note, I’m going to repeat again that you may be right John. Alex may not be telling the truth in his blogs. In my opinion, they look like entertaining stories designed to teach lessons about attracting women. Did this thought not strike you? If so, why did you go out of your way to write that poor argument? Sadly, i’m sensing some dissatisfaction in your life John. Perhaps some of the Wolf’s consulting might help 😉


  8. TC says:

    “Sadly, i’m sensing some dissatisfaction in your life John. Perhaps some of the Wolf’s consulting might help”

    lol looks like she has your number there bud

    • RAJAH says:

      at first this post made me think she did win…but DAMN john’s reply AFTER blew me away…no offence but if we had to rank logic of arguments or even compare their intelligence levels from highest to lowest i think it would go like this:


  9. John Hedith says:

    Oh Valentina,

    My reply is good. You know how I know? Because you felt the need to actually sit down, review and REREAD my post in order to write a LENGTHY response. If my post wasn’t good, it would not have been necessary for you to put that much effort into your reply since it would have been very obvious to everyone that my reply was bad. Now in quotations, I will be quoting you. “you’re not a good lawyer and your skills at debating are elementary at best.” LOL good observation at stating the obvious. CLEARLY I am not a lawyer or a professional debater and I never claimed to be one. However, I did say in my previous posts that all lawyers and debaters do know that time and effort is required to prepare good arguments.

    Since I didn’t think anyone would take my post as a highschool essay instead of a comedic commentary, I wrote informally and dripped it with sarcasm for a touch of comedic relief. However, since you seem to be such a stickler for formalities, from here on out I will rebuttal you based purely on logic.

    Yes my goal and my thesis differ. However, no one ever said a THESIS of a post or the GOAL had to be one and the same. For example, in an academic setting you are assigned to write an essay on Macbeth. The thesis of your Macbeth essay is that “Lady Macbeth’s guilt ultimately led to the downfall of the Macbeth family.” However, that is not your goal for writing the essay at all. It may have been your thesis but, it isn’t why you would choose to write about such a thing. Your actual goal is to get a certain mark for that essay and achieve a certain grade for the course. That is the goal you are personally invested in. Following along that rationale, the thesis of my blog reply was very simple, it was “All your blog stories sound extremely fake.” Everything else before that statement, that’s called an introduction. You thought my thesis was much longer, maybe a refresher in essay writing would be helpful for you to understand. My goal as I stated in my LAST reply is and still is: “to create a reaction from other readers and get a reply directly from Alex Wolf pertaining to the questions I asked.” That is something I am clearly seeking from my post. Maybe you should reread my post just to see how blatantly obvious that is considering my writing style and clear questioning towards Mr. Wolf. So Valentina, do I need to explain semantics and define terminology for you or was that not a clear enough example? There was NEVER a “flip-flop” in my understanding as you suggested. Also, again I’d like to reiterate how successful I was at my goal since I was able to incite a reply from you… TWO replies I might add. It’s okay, you say there’s defensive hindsight but there never was. In this area I always had the clearest understanding of what my goal and thesis were for my post. YOU on the otherhand, I will not blame you for what will be in your next reply which will obviously contain defensive hindsight.

    Oh Valentina, my intellect may not be as superior as I would hope, but it is definitely superior to yours. Let’s redirect now shall we. Again a reminder of my thesis is: “all your blog stories sound extremely fake.” You see my choice of words here? I’m not saying he is lying, I am arguing that his blog stories do not sound realistic, that they SOUND fake. What makes a story sound fake?
    1. The story lacks logical progression and does not match the story timeline and timeframe of actual events (possibly due to MISSING DETAILS).
    2. The story states impossible or highly unlikely feats or occurrences.
    3. The story contains blatant lies.
    4. The story contains too many coincidences and luck-based incidences. (Necessarily doesn’t make something not true but does make the story sound fake and would require more explanation or evidence for the reader to believe it is true).

    In the first blog that I critiqued, it contains a short segment of Alex Wolf’s blog post followed by my commentary. How do you convince a person something is fake? You point out obvious flaws to make them doubt the authenticity of the story based on the criteria I listed above (and possibly even other criterias I never even thought of). What did Alex Wolf’s blog post contain that made it SOUND sooooo FAKE? 1. That the husband was an athlete and a “beast of a man” and ALEX WOLF is a small average sized man. 2. Lack of logical progression yes, due to missing details – when did he get the bottle? How did he overtake a huge man who is an athlete? Was he quicker than him? 3. Sounds too coincidental – where was this bottle of Salon when he had little to no reaction time before he was even knocked to the ground? How did he keep the bottle of Salon in his grasp if he fell? You clearly DISLIKE the fact that my commentary was written in an opinion-like or assumption sounding manner (though some were very much laced with facts and you seem to disregard that fact…interesting). HOWEVER, it does not disprove the fact that all the things I stated within my commentary point towards OBVIOUS FLAWS that fit within the premises of a fake story. The following set of questions are your own “Why does he need to list every detail to get the point of his story across and why is it open season for you to posit your assumptions of the events as the basis for your conclusion? John, how do you know the bottle wasn’t already in his hand?“ Just re-read that statement of yours now will you Valentina. Do you see why he needed to list details now? Do you see why if I can draw such natural assumptions from his story and come up with an alternative more logical conclusion based on the details he gave and why it makes a story sound fake? If you can’t see how my commentary fulfilled my thesis and built a scenario of disbelief to any other reader maybe you should redo your critical analysis again since your logic is clearly flawed. My commentary was filled with critical analysis having formed such questions against his stories…your reply on the otherhand really hasn’t generated any critical thinking of Wolf’s content at all. What was the goal for my initial post to Alex Wolf again, Valentina? Oh THAT’S RIGHT, to get a reaction and have Mr. Wolf clarify himself and his blog stories. That’s why HIS REPLY is pivotal not yours.

    Opinions, statements of disbelief as a reaction due to his stories containing any of these 4 premises for false sounding stories perfectly aligns with my thesis and doesn’t even weaken the argument as you would hope it does. I never stated that there are no “scenarios in life where everything ALWAYS happens as you would expect.” However, I do NOT believe that Alex Wolf had to pleasure a woman by growling and biting her like a rabid dog because the details he gives doesn’t fit since ONLY his testicles were injured by piranhas considering the piranhas travel in large groups and use cooperative hunting. I do not believe he knocked out a huge man who was an athlete considering his size and stature. I do not believe he seduced a married Cambodian jungle woman considering the INCORRECT statements he made (surely out of assumptions) about Cambodian culture and societal influences. Maybe you’d like to explain all of those for Mr. Wolf as well since you seem to be his mouthpiece at this moment in time. Maybe you can tell me which region of Cambodia do people actually speak with “more consonant sounds than vowel sounds” too.

    I will help you with your deductive reasoning since you couldn’t even decipher my correct thesis or understand my goal from my whole reply (remember: refresher in critical analysis and logic classes would definitely help you), but my thesis and my commentary all support and PROVE my point. My thesis isn’t that “Alex is lying and a fraud” as you would have wished, it was that his blog stories sound fake and are completely supported by my premise statements. My opinions and assumption based comments all highlight my premises (listed 1 to 4 above) and if your mediocre critical analysis and deductive reasoning cannot see that, it is not my responsibility to educate you.

    As I have said from my first reply, I am VERY entertained by Mr. Wolf’s posts. Did I not ask him if he was a comedian as my opener? I just like well-written stories especially if Mr. Wolf is going to market himself as an expert of class and sophistication. He is making men pay hundreds up to thousands of dollars for his expert consultation! The least he could do would be to not have false sounding stories that indicate anything less than the expertise, class and sophistication he claims. If his stories are as you said “designed to teach lessons about attracting women” and his stories sound fake, why would Wolf’s consulting help? Again, I am worried about your deducing skills. If you’re that easy to convince maybe you’re the type of woman Wolf is attracting…and I like my women capable of actually questioning and thinking before believing anything. If my questioning makes you think I am dissatisfied in life, then you must be living a most satisfied life in comparison since you don’t seem to question enough (maybe you too TC).

    And Valentina, may I extend a similar sentiment to you from your own words, “perhaps more of your attention was needed in the critical analysis…”

    An avid fan of Alex Wolf’s comedic writing,
    John Hedith

    PS. Rob, I COMPLETELY AGREE. Where is Mr. Wolf in all of this? Seriously Alex Wolf, I am so excited to hear about all the missing details and the explanations you have for the Cambodian and piranha stories. I’m sure your answer will clear away any misconceptions I have of you or your stories!

    PSS. Oh Valentina, it makes me so glad to know how my post has you invested this much for me to receive prompt and lengthy replies from you. (LMFAO!) Hypocritical wouldn’t you say coming from the person that insulted me previously for my own lengthy post.

    • Valentina says:


      My reply took about 30 minutes to write. If you spent 3 hours on the first one, how long did this one take? LMAO. You are dissatisfied John.

      Good luck,

      • John Hedith says:


        my last reply didn’t take long at all. Actually, like your post it only took me less than half an hour (my typing speed is 76 words/min) and it didn’t really take long because I didn’t have to pull any extra information. All of that was off the top of my head since you were bringing into question my logic. I sense a deep dissatisfaction in your life still though since you feel this need to personally attack me and become involved in my replies with Alex Wolf. If you are so satisfied with your life, why am I getting replies from you very soon after I post? Pretty much in the span of a couple of hours? Don’t you have anything better to do? I am a research student, most of my time is spent on the computer reading up on papers anyways. What is your excuse? Where’s your satisfying social life to compensate for this?

        John Hedith

      • TC says:

        dude she’s toying with you and youre starting to look pretty desperate

      • RAJAH says:

        VALENTINA YOU WERE OWNED BY JOHN!!! HAHAHAHA like wow personal insult to him….LOW BLOW, LOW BLOW. and for a second there i thought u schooled him.

    • Rob says:

      hahaha yes! shout out! but alex has finally replied! TC, Valentina wants John. They ooze sexual frustration. and how does John seem desperate? he was messaging to Wolf and Valentina got involved. I love their back and forth replies they make me laugh sooo much. I really think they should meet up. TEAM VALENTINA AND JOHN!

      • TC says:

        I just think he looks desperate because he responds to every jab by repeating back what was just said about him (im not dissatisfied, you are). be more creative!
        but youre right about the sexual frustration, lol

    • RAJAH says:

      HAHAHAHAHA JOHN, U ARE A GOD….this post is a COMPLETE WINNNN – YOU ARE BIWINNING (on valentina and alex front)

  10. Alex Wolf says:

    This is getting out of hand and becoming an embarrassment to my site. I am going to address some doubts expressed in some posting hoping to put an end to the female bickering. I don’t usually do this but as I am currently hiding in the bathroom of a married woman whose husband just came home, I have some time to spare.
    Dear John, I now understand why break-up letters are infamous for starting with “Dear John,”. It must be a curse, my dear friend, and I blame your lazy parents for picking that name. Nonetheless I shall address your whining.

    Issue # 1. You seem to have difficulty understanding how I managed to hit that man over the head with the champagne bottle. I will gladly show you in person.

    Issue # 2. Your difficulty in understanding continues with my conquest of a lesbian. What we should all be understanding by now is if John Hedith doesn’t quite get it…it cannot be true. Your logic reminds of a cute seven year old boy whose mother fell in love with me as I protected her from kidnappers in Colombia. The boy, might I mention, was heavily retarded.

    Issue # 3. This is where you mightily wave the flag of conquest as you pronounce your fluency in the Khmer language and history and therefore bring to question my trip to the Cambodian jungle. You also make a racist comment by insinuating that languages with many more consonants than vowels are to be found only in African cultures. I will apologize to my many African fans for you John. I am not going to give you a history and language lesson, though you dearly need it, and mention for example the Abkhaz people of Northern Georgia, a country which is not in Africa. Or perhaps New Guinea, Australian territory, and the list goes on. But here I am giving you the lesson I promised not to. I was deep in the Cardamom mountains John and the language was Cardamom Khmer. Shall I also tell you about her speech impediment and show you the nude pictures of her she made me take? Or perhaps explain to you the psychology of why people sometimes do things even though they risk being socially ‘ostracized’? Good God man! Have a drink! Perhaps give yourself to it completely…

    Issue # 4. I am not even going to discuss your incredulity on my ways to make women orgasm because someone still obviously needs to have the ‘birds and bees’ conversation with you. I will address the damn piranha issue with you since you keep harping on it and boring the hell out of my readers. That story was actually a lie. The truth is I never did get away from the chief’s hunters and they brought me back to his hut where he proceeded to cut up my balls with a razor blade. He left me to bleed to death and I perhaps would’ve if not for his courageous wife who looked after my wounds with a mysterious herbal cream that worked like magic. It’s an embarrassing story and one that still brings back uneasy feelings. So YES John, you got me! I didn’t think it necessary to discuss the exact details of my injury and for that I apologize.
    John I sincerely encourage you to take some workshops with me. It will be money well spent. You have, I kid you not, completely sexually turned off any woman that has read your lengthy posts. Even the ones that agree with you. And while you may pretend not to care about that or delude yourself that you are doing quite ok in this area, we both know that you still yearn for that wild gazelle.
    FUN FACT: you remind of Jack Lemon in Glengarry Glen Ross. Watch that movie please, if you haven’t already and if it doesn’t scare you, there’s nothing I can do for you. If it does, call me.

  11. John Hedith says:

    FINALLY!! I have been awaiting a reply post from you Mr. Wolf for awhile! LOL yes, let’s address my “whining”.
    Issue #1: You will gladly show me how you out-tackled and hit a man over the head with the champagne bottle in person? OF course I will accept this. Since you are being so gracious, I will also bring a friend of mine who is an athlete who fits a physical description of the beast of a husband you mentioned to recreate the scene. Does a rugby player, wrestler or football player resemble the husband more? Don’t worry, I have friends in every athletic department. Just mention which.
    Issue #2: It saddens me you always use a female conquest to divert attention from actually answering the question or providing evidence. If stating it and writing a story about things makes things true, than I am Jesus reincarnated. What? You doubt that? Your logic reminds me of the child of a woman I fell in love with after I rescued her from a terrorist group in Sudan. The child might I mention, had a severe case of attention deficit disorder. I hope you understood the previous statements as mockery using the same self-entitled story telling you so often used. But as you said everyone should believe this story, since questioning things and disbelief aren’t acceptable.
    Issue #3: Cardamom Khmer dialect falls under MON-KHMER language which I had already mentioned in my first post. Cardamom Khmer also is EQUALLY dispersed in vowel and consonant sounds. The only reason it is considered archaic is for the fact it is spoken by so few individuals and the pronunciation of the dialect is in a very different vocal register and is more monotone in comparison to Austronesian and the main Khmer languages. History or cultural lessons from you Alex Wolf, especially about my own culture? NO THANKS. You’re already getting facts wrong and we’ve only begun to scratch the surface. I’ll drink to your attempt though at seeming more cultured. FUN FACT: Speech impediments which already make it difficult for them to formulate coherent vocal sentences, generally impair a person’s ability to pronounce consonant sounds not vowel sounds.
    Issue #4: LMFAO! ALEX, the story you just provided me with should be an ADDITION TO THAT POST OF YOURS. Honestly, the story about this chief hunter cutting up your balls is much more believable than the piranha excuse. However, again the believability factor is still low but definitely more so than the piranha. Could you elaborate further why the chief hunter ONLY cut your balls and left everything else unscathed? If you haven’t been able to tell, I LOVE DETAILS to get the WHOLE PICTURE! How and why did you even end up in that situation with the chief hunter? Good god man! This has the makings of a great story!
    Oh, you’re encouraging me to take some of your workshops? If you’re willing to prove your point and offer these workshops for free, I will GLADLY show up. And you know what? I will bring the athlete friend of mine for the demonstration you mentioned.
    Funny how you think I’m like Jack Lemmon from Glengarry Glen Ross when your actions have resembled the character much more so than I do. Similar to Lemmon, you have tried to convince me and sell me your story as truth, threatened me with these live demonstrations of hitting a man on the head with a champagne bottle and then try to bribe and entice me with your “beneficial” workshops. All I have done is given you an opportunity to prove your credibility. A little bit of backlash and questioning never hurt the truth and if you’re in the limelight you should be prepared for it.

    An avid fan of your comedic writing,
    John Hedith

    PS. I think I’m done for now. I can’t continue with this tirade but if you still want a response and anyone else, please email me at

  12. TC says:

    lol@reply from Alex

    The FUN FACT thing is pretty lame

  13. Rob says:

    hahaha man valentina, john and alex are soooo funny! they should be in a room together. i would watch. i think valentina totally lost but i think im biased. i really like alex’s post though i didn’t get the fun fact alex was pointing at. all these posts have been super entertaining hahahahaha damn ppl don’t stop. keep posting!

  14. TC says:

    as i said earlier, no creativity by John (im not Jack Lemmon, you are!)
    john, if you cant hook up with valentina, maybe a call girl will get rid of your frustrations and get your creative juices flowing!

    • RAJAH says:

      are u kidding me?! this john guy is ridiculously creative and damn no offence but he shut up valentina so good. ripped up her whole argument when i thought she had him good! there are so many jabs at valentina and alex by john in all his posts it’s wierd u just focus on one jab he decides to repeat… and wtf this jack lemon thing doesn’t even make sense coming from alex

  15. Helena says:



  16. Cazyr Siel says:

    Dear Alex,

    Where do you find the time to respond to your clients while you roam the globe on these sexcapades? I am interested in getting a workshop started with you but the PUA Mystery has gotten a lot of recognition and a very high success rate. Do you have any testimonials that can reassure me. I am little concerned after reading these essays (Posts) describing the fabricated stories. please contact me at the details provided. Also, is this only done via email and phone or do we ever meet and you show how it is done live on the spot, like picking a woman up on the street or a club or supermarket whatever the location may be?

    thanks look forward to hearing from you!

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