Alex Wolf on Television

Alex Wolf will be appearing this June on television in a show called ‘Confidently Single‘ based in Toronto, Canada. Stay tuned for air date and time.


2 Responses to Alex Wolf on Television

  1. Mya says:

    Hi Alex,
    Will it be your own show, or will you be featured on someone else’s show?

    • Alex Wolf says:

      Thank you for the question ‘Mya’. Your name brings me back to a woman I met while river rafting the Grand Canyon. I rescued her from the rapids and later spent the night in a cave nearby where she warmed herself by the fire. She was innocent and nervous, much like you, but the sounds of the rattle snakes outside was just what was needed for her to jump into my arms and make passionate love until the hours of the morning. On the other hand, the fact that my Paul Smith jacket caught fire that night was something I thought I would be able to put behind me. It was not and I left that morning before she woke up.

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