Who is Alex Wolf

The Amazon Jungle

This is where I tell you I am a man of the world who has traveled extensively and slept with hundreds of women from all types of backgrounds, cultures and ideologies. Would you believe I even seduced a Masai woman from a tribe in Kenya? Her husband showed his displeasure by trying to put me on the end of his spear. I sucked raw oysters from between the plump breasts of a famous American opera singer (who shall go unnamed). I shot pool with Wall Street power movers right after their kept wives and girlfriends professed eternal devotion to me. I’ve had not one but two angry lesbians go after me with knives because their significant other wanted to run away with me. I missed my chance at having a syndicated television show because I couldn’t keep my dick in my pants (sorry NBC) only to repeat the mistake a year later when they called me back (next time don’t bring women in the boardroom). And I did it all because of the simple fact that I’m a narcissist and borderline sociopath. At least that’s what my psychiatrist told me. I slept with her as well…

My name is Alex Wolf and I shall be your mentor.


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