On Kissing

There’s one person on this planet that I would love to experience kissing and that person is me. On several occasion I’ve had the mothers of the women I’ve kissed jump me to try and steal a few seconds of what their daughters told them about. Kissing isn’t about you trying to choke her with your tongue or giving her face a bath. Its about capturing her soul. So when you kiss her, don’t just lean in. First tell her your heart is beating really fast. Tell her you’re nervous. Bring her back to being a teenager when love was innocent and sweet. Then kiss her. Kiss her and hold her head like you never want this kiss to end. Then break suddenly and sigh…letting her see the immense effect her kiss had on you.

I’m reminded of driving through Iowa one night and taking shelter at a bed and breakfast in this quaint little town. The house was run by a couple in their 50’s and their 20 something year old daughter. I noticed how intrigued she was by my jacket. I was too. One look in the mirror and it transported me back to Kenya where I unfortunately had to kill a lion in self-defense. His fur was tailored to my deer skin Gucci jacket. I caught her stare and told her I’m not into young girls. Whether it was the jacket, my demeanor or the intriguing hunting knife she saw in my open Bottega Veneta alligator skin suitcase, the girl attacked me in my room at night demanding a kiss. I was chased from the premises in the middle of that night by her shotgun holding father who was awakened from the girl’s powerful orgasm. And all I did was kiss her.

So you may be jealous that I enjoy the velvety silk of a 1990 Petrus wine or the comfort of a tailored Brioni suit but what I will never know is the sweetness and God-like experience of my kiss…

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