On Emotionally Cold Women

I was recently approached by young socialite, who, after offering me a lot of his daddy’s cash, desperately wanted advice on how to break through his fiance’s emotional wall. I threw him out of my office not just because he was indoors and still had his sunglasses on, which of course deserved a lashing on its own, but more simply because his fiance was orally pleasing me under my desk. The poor fellow must’ve found my card lying around their house and failed to connect the dots.

I hope you don’t think ill of me as I put up quite a struggle. It was her tears that finally did me in. And any man that wears sunglasses indoors doesnt deserve a woman like her. His plea did however make me think of these famous emotionally cold and unavailable women. I say famous because I’ve never met them. To me a woman is a woman. And when a woman that is emotionally hardened comes my way I’m obviously not gonna wear Alexander McQueen because that is too pompous and in your face. I’m probably gonna tone it down with a relaxed Dior or Versace. Are clothes important??? Hell yes! You have to be sophisticated yet relaxed. If she doesn’t find you intriguing but non threatening in the first place then you won’t be able to hold her attention for very long. On to the conversation. It should be focused on her but she will most likely avoid getting into deep and personal emotionally topics. For most of these women the emotional barrier comes from childhood and more likely than not, the parents. One or both of them were not loving, perhaps abusive or not present. Therefore she’s relied mostly on herself to care for her. Which means what? That she is not the norm and that she has experienced or connected with that which is not the norm. The norm bores her even if perhaps she has formed her outer life to resemble normality. So you must wake her up with something about you that is not the norm. Something dark and mysterious perhaps. Look away and appear troubled by your thoughts. When asked whats wrong explain that you don’t care about conventional bullshit or to be politically correct. Tell her you just want to be upfront and honest with her and that superficial conversation bores you. It is then that you tell her you used to escort for money or that perhaps you used to be a driver for a big mafia boss and saw things you still struggle to forget.

Its at this point that she says to herself “wait a minute, this guy is kinda interesting. Hmmm, he’s not the norm”. The conversation will then take a shift. She will lean forward and become more interested. If she doesnt then get up and leave. She’s awful in bed. So let’s assume she stays. You then tell her some stories and adventures and perhaps drop a hint or two of how you were never close to your father or maybe how your mom would bring a new lover home every night. All of a sudden she has forgotten her routine with guys. All of a sudden she is interested in you and has forgotten to keep her doors closed. And guess what? When she goes home that night she will realize that a little butterfly has sneaked inside. That butterfly is you my friend. She is now interested to know you and will allow you to seduce her…because she will think that by letting you get close to her she will know all of you. But you never give much away. Always bits and pieces…always keeping her hungry. Women like this eat and then discard. They use and get bored. She will make you think that you are close to her but you never really are. So you keep her hungry and feeling like a part of you is in another world. Soon she will think of no other man. Soon you will begin to see tears of joy and anger and frustration and satisfaction. Soon she will unravel like the woman she is because she will have found you worthy and capable of understanding and handling the depths of her spirit and mind. Soon, inch by inch, she will become your slave and you will become her master…

It was the same for the fiance under my desk. Cold and indifferent to others, she warmed up to me, desperate to know more of my world. When I told her I can never belong to anyone and that I must leave to go off into the world, she said she understood. She was the first woman I saw cry while pleasuring me. No, wait, I stand corrected. But that’s another story…

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