On Marriage…

I was recently asked by a woman I’m sleeping with when the right time to marry is. I smiled and held her tight as she hungrily breathed in my musk accentuated by an essential oil I had just brought back from the Peruvian jungle. “I think you just know” I said to her gazing into those naive eyes as if insinuating she was the one inspiring that very feeling in me at that moment. After making love again I left her sleeping and slipped into my Alexander McQueen dark velvet pants, cashmere sweater and soft deerskin jacket by Vitorino. A cold feeling washed over me. That morning I had taken a chance with this jacket and was still not sure of its lines. A quick glance into her boudoir mirror reassured me of my daring yet excellent choice.

The issue of proposing marriage is an interesting one. What if you’ve found the perfect woman? Then let me take you through a little lesson in psychology 101. What you feel is generated by your brain. The neural system in your brain is based on sensors. Sensors get desensitized when triggered by the same stimulants such as when watching the same ‘perfect’ movie over and over or living with your ‘perfect’ wife for example. The reality my friend is that you will soon begin to be stimulated by others. Now you can deny or obstruct those feelings and get fat or have a kid, but nonetheless they exist. I’m reminded of New York and meeting a mother of two who married her high school sweetheart and became a very successful business woman. She gave me a hard slap across the face when I suggested she was not happy at all but fighting to hide it. A few hours later when we made love I noticed the tag of her shirt. It said ‘Made in China’. Later that night as I was sipping an intoxicating Hennessy Cognac Ellipse, I realized that we need simple people like her to make this world go round. Oh and the cognac? It’s $4,700 a bottle.


Do: promise her marriage.

Don’t: do it.

Secret Weapon: your seemingly lack of fear for commitment.

Seduction Factor: your skepticism that a woman knows how to really love.

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4 Responses to On Marriage…

  1. Neanderthal says:

    $4700 bottle of cognac, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me

  2. soccer mom says:

    My boyfriend’s cock is huge and he knows how to use it incredibly well…orgasms every time!!!! Perhaps you should get some advice or help on how to pleasure women or maybe your preference is men.

  3. Jason G says:

    And above we have the perfect example of what this blog is talking about: a soccer mom who is “desensitized” to her husband’s cock and needs a boyfriend to stimulate and satisfy her.

    On a side note, I was just reading Roissy’s blog and he really writes some uncreative garbage.

  4. The disciple says:

    Neanderthal.. Stick to your $12 dollar packs of Natural Light and never leave the country

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