On Dating A Stripper…

You’ve left your number dozens of times after she intoxicated you with her perfume and velvet skin and yet each time you’ve returned for more because she didn’t call. You’d like to date a stripper and experience the dizzying feeling of having a dirty sexual seductress as your girlfriend but just don’t know how. I know the feeling. Not yours of course, but of dating such a panther.

So you fall in love with one. How do you even get her to go out to dinner with you? Your buddies laugh and pat you on the back telling you it’s impossible. STOP! Please tell me you’re not there with your buddies drinking beer. Before you begin applying what I’m going to reveal here you need to catch up on some of my other blogs to understand the art of sophistication. I’m not going to waste my time now and tell you not to order beer or wear Wrangler jeans. Which reminds me of a time when one of my lovers threw me out of her house with only my Lagerfeld satin vest on. She became upset while making love when I began complimenting her sister who was naked and caressing our bodies with a harpy eagle feather I brought back from Brazil. There I was standing almost naked outside the door and facing the possibility of walking out in such a state to catch a cab. You can imagine the rage I began to feel. My Moschino trousers were in that apartment and likely to be thrown or burnt! I knocked but the only response was what seemed to be my empty Petrus bordeaux bottle exploding against the door. Due to the commotion an elderly neighbor opened her door slightly and looked out. She stared at my penis for well over two minutes while I considered the possibility of finishing off with her. My rule of ‘no one over 65’ was about to be broken when she handed me a pair of jeans. They were Wranglers. I winced and closed my eyes in disgust. To the pleasure of the women on the street that day, I walked into my cab wearing nothing but my vest. So that’s what I have to say about Wrangler jeans.

Getting her to go to dinner. You wear dress pants and a v-neck sweater. Don’t even think about putting it over a t-shirt! Skin shows confidence. Or you wear a suit, no tie. You go to the bar and order wine or a hard drink. You watch but are mostly interested in your blackberry. You are too busy for the girls that approach you and you let them know that. If your target does not approach on her own, you send another stripper to get her to come over. She will lead the conversation. Most women love to complain or talk about themselves so guide the conversation in that direction. Don’t lean back but lean in. You are interested in what she’s saying! You buy her a drink and she gets more comfortable. After twenty minutes you say: “Listen, unfortunately I have to get going. Thanks for the company. Have dinner with me sometimes.” You then place your business card on the bar with a hundred dollar bill. Yes, a hundred dollar bill! Stop wasting your money on dances and invest it where it’s worth it. You get your coat and leave. As a side note, your business card needs to be real in a sense. Either you already do something successful or you have the name of someone successful. They will google you! So make sure if it’s not you that no picture can be found. It’s enough for her to see ‘your’ name under writers for a successful show for example. Of course if you cannot keep up with the expensive pretense, don’t bother. Your card should be real then, but nonetheless make it a nice card.

She will call. That was the easy part. The difficult part is turning that dinner date into a relationship where she becomes interested in you. Oh yes, she will. None of the macho alpha male crap you learn from pick up artists will work here. Not for the stripper who is a woman of quality. Because if she’s not then I’m afraid only the expensive pretense will work. So there you are at a very nice restaurant I will recommend when you e-mail me, ordering exactly what I will tell you and having a hot looking stripper sitting with you. She is there for more money. What she will get instead is childhood regression therapy mixed in with wine. The beginning is easy: “Where did you grow up ?, what did you want to be when you were young?, so what happened to that little Cristina?”, or Jessica or whatever her name is. These questions are non invasive but personal enough. It will get her thinking about her childhood. Now the difficulty starts. It is up to you to pick up on the clues and information her answers will give to pinpoint her trauma or weak points. Then you must use that information to not only pull her out of her stripper role but intrigue her like most men never do. To do this you must first become a wolf. Now come here. I want to give you a hug. You’re almost there.


Do: present an image of success

Don’t: act like you are fascinated by what she does. And for God’ sake do not, DO NOT, compliment her skin.

Secret Weapon: your subtle interest into her childhood

Seduction Factor: you’re someone that understands what lies beyond the image she portrays.

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One Response to On Dating A Stripper…

  1. Admin says:

    No, thats all just bullshit and will get you nowhere in the long run. i have been out with and had relationships with loads of girls, every single one of them strippers except 2. You are right about the being sucesssfulf and confident, but if u r only pretending, that dinner date will go no further than maybe a casual fling. You need to be yourself, be interesting, show them that you are intersted without being the sleeze bag every other guy in there is. Make sure she doesnt already have a partner, because if she does your chances are zero. Remember, they are in there cause that is their job, most you will find are studying and just doing for extra income. They are there to make money, so they will tell you everything you want to hear in the club. Email me if you want to know more.

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