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On Telling Her “I Love You”

When I was thirteen years old I told a girl I loved her. She laughed and walked away. Many will tell you that telling her you love her first is equated to digging your grave. Some recommend rarely using those … Continue reading

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On Charm Resisting Women…

There are always those women that love to wear the pants and snub their nose at old world charm and sophistication. This makes it quite difficult when you’re trying to sleep with them. I’m sure you’re familiar with the type. … Continue reading

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On The Fear Of Approach

Approaching women gives you tremendous anxiety. You are fearful of the uninterested reaction, the awkward moments of silence and her cold rejection. As well you should be. Why is your shirt untucked and why in the world are you holding … Continue reading

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On Marriage…

I was recently asked by a woman I’m sleeping with when the right time to marry is. I smiled and held her tight as she hungrily breathed in my musk accentuated by an essential oil I had just brought back … Continue reading

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On Neediness…

I often hear this from my patients: “Mr. Wolf, I find myself being needy when I have the luck of dating a very attractive woman. I want to be with her often and to feel her wanting to be with … Continue reading

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On Confidence…

If you’ve looked into female pick-up tips and techniques on the web or in bookstores you know that one of the most important factors talked about is confidence. If you’ve paid hundreds or thousands of dollars so a sweaty troll … Continue reading

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On Dating A Stripper…

You’ve left your number dozens of times after she intoxicated you with her perfume and velvet skin and yet each time you’ve returned for more because she didn’t call. You’d like to date a stripper and experience the dizzying feeling … Continue reading

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